An EXPLOSIVE Start – Attack on Titan Season 4 comes with a brand new look

Okay so now we know that Attack on Titan S4 has just released, but what’s more interesting is that the production is totally in the hands of MAPPA studios, the creators of Jujutsu Kaisen. But what’s even more interesting is the wonderful and unique aspects that MAPPA will be delivering as in the case of Attack on Titan Season 4. To be honest, I was hoping that the entire series would be covered by WIT studios itself, but MAPPA is also doing quite good.

Galliard the Jaw Titan

We are starting off with some crazy CGI for the Armored Titan, Galliard and the Beast Titan. I am not sure how the CGI is actually going to leverage the quality of this anime, but one thing is sure, and that is MAPPA is going all out on this one, and so far it is looking great! And I think considering the present scenario, MAPPA is the best studio out there that can deliver this amount of quality besides WIT. Well the visuals, the openings and everything looked amazing. The pacing is actually quite beautiful and the background score nails the action and battle scenes. It is seriously heart-pumping and adrenaline rush that you are going to get when you further watch the episodes.

I was hoping that I would completely binge-watch the last season, but it is very difficult to do so. I cannot control myself that much, however if it were about a different anime, then I could have done it easily, but unfortunately AOT ranks 1st on my list and I cannot afford to delay/miss a single moment.

Look at the above faces, we can clearly see that MAPPA is trying to add ‘realistic contours’ for faces and the age of that sleek and undefined faces is now gone. Earlier, the faces in AOT were not that much drawn in detail. But here, we see the details, particularly the eyes have depth and the facial structure is very different from conventional anime male/female faces, typically the nose here is so much more defined!

Gabi, Falco and the other Eldian Warriors

This season is clearly starting with a very good part, and we see the intense action of titans and the other warriors right off the bat. The colors are a bit off and ‘brownish’ but it is due to the art style of MAPPA which is not comparable to that of WIT. WIT was known for its very dark, high contrast and shining look contrary to the MAPPA’s more focus on animation style rather than the art. As in the case with the storyline, there is literally a heck amount of action in the season 4, and that is why I think MAPPA will excel at one thing without doubt, and that is the animation. The animation is fluid and well above average.

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