Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – Ratings, Trend and Fanbase Analysis

Synopsis: Alchemy is bound by this Law of Equivalent Exchange—something the young brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric only realize after attempting human transmutation: the one forbidden act of alchemy. They pay a terrible price for their transgression—Edward loses his left leg, Alphonse his physical body. It is only by the desperate sacrifice of Edward’s right arm that he is able to affix Alphonse’s soul to a suit of armor. Devastated and alone, it is the hope that they would both eventually return to their original bodies that gives Edward the inspiration to obtain metal limbs called “automail” and become a state alchemist, the Fullmetal Alchemist.

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Genres :  Action, Military, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Magic, Fantasy, Shounen

Studio: Bones

A-Score: 9.5

A-Score is also called ‘Animegoodreads Score’. The score is calculated by analyzing the textual reviews from the website called IMDB. Sentiment Analysis is performed on the textual reviews. R Programming Language was used for the purpose of calculating the score. The way we score is purely based upon the ‘quality’ information written in the reviews, where we look for ‘how positive’ the individual reviews are.

Feature-Level Analysis (Feature-Level Sentiment Analysis of Reviews) of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood’s Reviews

  • Characters – 92%
  • Story – 66%
  • Music – 100%
  • Scenes – 91%

How people describe this anime?


plot and storyline vastly improved, excellent first off, huge cast of interesting unique characters, soundtrack is excellent as, best anime, best series, characters and story are pretty much flawless, huge cast of unique characters, original story, fantastic story, complex plot, action scene after action scene, best anime, unpredictable story, best anime scenes, characters are great the, acting is epic, lots of action, greatest anime characters, favorite character, great acting, wonderful story, characters very thoroughly, acting is insanely awesome, great animation, gripping story, excellent characters, characters and events, best great characters, funny writing, various scenes, awesome story line

Let us move further and look search for the most descriptive words (not keywords) for this anime that people have used in their textual reviews. Whenever someone writes a review, he/she includes certain adjectives in their text, which can be analyzed further to see how the people have described the anime. The top 10 words to describe this anime along with their frequencies is as follows:

The following words were extracted from the IMDB Reviews as well. We used R Programming Language to find out the most used adjectives from the text.

  • fullmetal – 29
  • first – 22
  • great – 20
  • good – 19
  • better – 16
  • new – 16
  • original – 16
  • many – 14
  • best – 13
  • few – 10

Is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Trending?

Keyword Searched: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Google Trends Search Strength : 77% (Past 12 Months)

Google Trends is always used whenever we are researching the trend of any entity. What’s interesting is that the product is given by google, which is the best search engine out there. So we can guarantee that it gives us high quality data. Trends can be seasonal or linear. In case of animes, newer animes can become easily trending, even if they are not that good. However, we should always look for the latest data.

Trend Shape/Effect

Consistently increasing at a slow rate and reached the peak in April 2020. But after that, we see a consistent slow decline in the trend.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood’s Fanbase Analysis

Let us look at the popularity of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood on Reddit.

Reddit Upvote Proportion : 76%

After analyzing reddit posts that belong to the subreddit ‘anime’ and ‘fullmetal alchemist brotherhood’ as the search term, it was found that the mean upvote proportion for the related posts is 76%. Upvote Proportion shows how many upvotes the posts are getting which belong to a particular topic.

Note: The more popular the anime, the more no. of discussions people do on reddit and the more data is extracted. Number of posts analyzed will also be higher in the case of popular animes, and so their upvote proportion will also be higher.

I will try my best to provide even more data regarding animes that can help you understand how popular an anime is. I am going to add few more things later as I keep updating my blog from time to time, but for now you can take the above data as reference.

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