Is Demon Slayer Mugen Train breaking records?

From what we hear from countless posts and news out there on the internet, Demon Slayer: Mugen Train is doing quite good, in fact great in terms of box office collection. Recently the movie got released in Japan and has easily gained a lot of hype and popularity right from the first three days. Despite the COVID crisis, getting that much audience is quite overwhelming and astonishing.

Starting with the ratings given by IMDB and google, we can clearly see that the movie did absolutely great in Japan. The movie has got an IMDB score of 9.4, which is pretty high. On the other hand we can also see that 98% of the google users found this movie interesting.

Almost everybody in Japan loved the new Demon Slayer Movie, but what about the rest of the world?

The current debut of this movie generated a revenue of $44M in Japan. Isn’t that great? But I am more interested and awaiting for the stats and results after the movie gets released worldwide.

What is the reason behind the success of this movie? Let us look at some of the points.

The unique way in which colors and artwork is used in this anime leverages the overall quality.

Incredible Visual Feast

If you have watched demon slayer the anime series, then you must be sure about the potential that this series carries in terms of visual appeal. This anime comes into the top charts when it comes to visual art and animation. The characters and scenery look like it has been painted and vectorized with utmost care and precision.

People love to watch things that look good and this is one of those simple reasons behind why this movie has taken over the entire Japan.

Demon Slayer’s strong story captures the audience’s interest perfectly.

The New Shounen Era

The fact that differentiates Demon Slayer from the generic shounen animes is that Demon Slayer is an advanced type of shounen anime which tries to cover up things that even other genres fail to implement. Modern shounens are heavily focused on battles, but on top of that, provide a way to express emotions and purposes as much as they can. Characters are finely groomed and given a good amount of foundational improvement to be able to tackle upcoming scenarios. It is not just about training arcs and overpowered bosses anymore. There is a depth in meaning, characterization and thought process that Demon Slayer captures perfectly.

A boost from fan-base

Obviously, the more number of fans, the better the hype! Demon Slayer had already implanted the trust factor in the eyes of the audience, and with countless beautiful cosplays and products, Demon Slayer became one of those branded animes of the modern era.

The wait is finally over!

The Patience and build-up

Audience were probably waiting to watch something beautiful in theatres as they were fed up with staying at home and watching TV or Mobile all day. Demon Slayer’s success was a byproduct of the patience that was building up in the mind’s of the audiences, which finally burst like something which will be etched in our memories for decades to come.

Lastly, we can say that Japan is quite lucky to be able to perceive something so wonderful. Fans from other countries are now even more excited to watch this movie.

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  1. Anushk@ says:

    Anime is love😍

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  2. dwimp3 says:

    is fire hashira dead?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry, I dont know. I have not watched the movie. Its not released in my country


      1. dwimp3 says:

        what is your country?

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      2. I am from India


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