Kira – Creating the New World Order

Kira from Death Note is the most popular character in the entire series. Particularly, I will be starting with an analysis of this character. I hope you will find this interesting

This is the first post of my blog that falls under the “character study” section. Since I have not introduced this particular category before, let me tell you that in this category, I will be putting my thoughts about certain anime/movie/show character, based upon certain analytical points that deem fit upon them, and try to portray a bit more about these characters and understand their thinking and thought process, their actions, their strengths and core beliefs and much more. So without any further ado, let us start this series with one of the most popular character in the anime world, which is Light Yagami/Kira (I know it is a very easy character, so I thought that I should start with him first).

I would like to point out that similar types of posts had been already made by 7mononoke from Anime Rants. Go check out her blog. She has awesome posts on so many characters and their personalities. However, here in my post, I will try my best to explain how these characters act and think, by taking into consideration each individual cognitive stack elements and relate them with the actions of these characters.

Light’s Personality Type is ENTJ

It is not very difficult for someone who knows MBTI to type this character into the ENTJ type. In fact, he is the best example of an ENTJ. If you don’t know what’s MBTI, check out to gain more information about the personality types. However, it is not sufficient just to tell that Light is an ENTJ just by saying he actually is, it is the cognitive functions, that define him. So let us look at the cognitive functions of an ENTJ and try to understand how those works with the decisions made by Light Yagami in Death Note.

Dominant Function: Te- Extroverted Thinking

This function is the dominant for ENTJ types like Light Yagami. Here dominant means the absolute and the most used cognitive function, the function these people use casually, without any additional efforts. So extroverted thinking, as the word suggests, is about making decisions or preferring to make decisions based upon thinking through problems logically and analytically, but more importantly by understanding the situation at the moment, to create solutions that are near to perfection.

However since the thinking is extroverted, it is all about efficiency and improvisations. Light Yagami is seemingly fit as we can see him constantly creating new plans and strategies to catch L, without the fear of those plans failing, as he always used to have a backup plan just in case. Even though the plans may not look very promising from the long-term perspective, still they were quite accurate and successful for the current moment. They are primarily intimidating, as they are adept in using people and tools for the sake of efficiency to reach a particular goal, rarely taking emotions into consideration.

Secondary Function: Ni – Introverted Intuition

Kira can be easily seen as an intuitive type, since he is capable of connecting the theories and dots correctly, sort of like a puzzle. He depicts this intuition multiple times, especially when he uses the concept of passing notebooks, which will erase his memories of his notebook and prove himself as innocent in front of L, and regain it later. That was one of the most risky things that he had done, but he had a strong intuition about it, which definitely worked out in the end. Intuition is something that is very difficult to explain. It also looks quite reckless sometimes.

Tertiary Function: Se – Extroverted Sensing

ENTJ’s are somewhat gifted with the ability to be able to switch between intuition and sensing quite effectively, based upon the necessities. Light Yagami is seen to be comfortable with using sensory data, to his advantage of course. He is seen to be constantly aware of the moves made by the police records and updated with their facts. And then use these facts to plan his next move thus acting like a true Kira (Killer).  

Inferior Function: Fi – Introverted Feeling

The inferior function, which is triggered during panic situations, and results in improper decision making and which requires a lot of energy of the individual to be used up. Rarely will you find light making decisions based upon someone’s feelings and his own feelings. This is because he is the type who is not bothered about the emotions. You can see this with his actions of killing everyone who came in his way, without a second thought, mostly because they were somehow interfering with his goals. That is why it was not very difficult for him to kill every criminal out there. He didn’t worry about being a criminal in his own way.

Let us dive further and look upon some more things about Light

Light Yagami has a strong and deep desire of creating a society free from evil, and provide justice to everyone. So he can be seen as a person who wants to create grand goals and follow them rigorously. However, the thing with ideas is that they are not meant to be fulfilled by an individual, but a group of people, but light seems to carry out most of his tasks by himself, which makes him an individualistic person.

Light Yagami/Kira has a high level of intimidation

Which is clearly seen when he attempts to kill every criminal out there, to reduce crime rates. He wants people to believe that there is a superpower, who is watching and providing justice to everyone, thereby producing fear in the hearts of the people. Right from the start of the series, the actions carried out by light became widespread and popular. Light is definitely a competitive character, but for the sake of his goals. He likes to compete and there is absolutely no doubt about that. Especially, he competes for power and authority.

Light takes advantage in almost everything

Even he took advantage of the rules of the death note, and bended them in sort of a different way to achieve multiple things. He took advantage of the people around him, treating them as mere pieces of chess in order to eliminate the targets.

So that was it. I hope you liked reading this type of post and got to know about the cognitive stacks as well.

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  1. Aizen_Kuro says:

    Awesome post. Can you write about Eren and Guts…oh and Kaneki. I’m curious, uhm you don’t have to do all of them, you can pick one. I’ll be grateful if you do. Thank youuuu

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    1. Surely will write about Eren as I have watched aot, not sure about the other two characters, i have not watched tokyo ghoul yet as well


      1. Aizen_Kuro says:

        Thank you very much

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      2. Oooh, I would love to read your post about Kaneki. Tokyo ghoul is amazing, I think you’ll definitely like it. Great post by the way.

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      3. Hmm, I watched the first episode of it. But never further than that. Maybe I should watch it.

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  2. Asra Anime says:

    I’m INTJ ! 🙃

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