A Second Chance : The Blogger Recognition Award (2)

I would like to thank allthefujoshiunite for tagging me for this award, she has a really nice blog. This is the second post of this particular award, and I felt that I should do this again because there are definitely a lot of things that I wanted to write about. So let us start with the rules first.

1. Say thanks to who nominated you and leave a link back to that person’s blog

2. Give the story or history of your blog

3. Give two or more pieces of advice for new bloggers

4. Nominate 10 other bloggers and link their blogs

Story of my blog

There is a simple story behind my blog. I just started blogging because I felt that I needed something productive and something “satisfactory”, so the only thing I was comfortable with writing was about “animes”, because I knew that there are definitely a lot of things that I can talk about it. There is actually no concrete “history” for my blog because it has only been 4 to 5 months since I started blogging. Right now, I think that I have just started so things have been quite monotonous for me. My blog contains post that includes a bit of discussion and analysis regarding animes and also includes kind of personal aspects too. I do feel that I should spice things up a little bit from time to time by adding a few different things that are worth reading. Primarily, I feel that change is something that we should adapt to continuously, in order to explore more things. When I started this blog, I felt that it should cover a particular topic, but right now I feel that blogging is a very broad term, and there are no limits to it. We can always come up with challenges and things that are thought-provoking.

Advice for new bloggers

There are some more pieces of advice that I can provide to the newbies out here. In my previous post of this award, I have covered up a lot of things at the “mental” and “philosophical” side. Advice like that is usually very risky because those advices were not ‘to-the-point’, and would require the reader to decipher by themselves. But, since I had not covered up some technical advices, I will go on by mentioning those today in this post

First of all, I think that you should use the wordpress block editors to its full capacity. By that I mean that there are a lot of things on the block editor that you can use to your advantages. You should always remember that a post is not merely a group of words. You can use headings, subheadings and images to improve the reader’s experience. One important thing to remember is that the use of “tags” is not that much important, filling your post with a lot of tags will not be useful to you in any way.

Second, is about the paragraphs. The paragraphs you write should usually be short and crisp. A paragraph should not be very long, keep the paragraph to maximum 10 lines or so, anything more than that looks very odd and will cause the readers to lose their interest (At some point, I did this mistake). Even if you happen to write your posts in one paragraph, make sure you cut it down into different paragraphs, on the block editor itself. Make sure that each paragraph a certain topic or aspect so that the “fast readers” out there can grasp the content of your post in the shortest time possible. Although this is something which is a little bit difficult, but with practice anybody can do it.

Third is about a mistake that I happened to find out a lot here. There are quite a few bloggers that are providing backlinks to other’s blogs in awards or challenges posts, but not in the correct way. If you are tagging/nominating/backlinking to someone, then make sure to use the “URL” of any of their recent “POSTS” rather than their “BLOG”. For example, putting xyz.wordpress.com will not notify the tagged person automatically. So you should put the url of any one of their post like xyz.wordpress.com/post1 in order for them to get the notification. It is just that people love to do tags, including me, so I think this was needed to be addressed. I don’t know if there is an in-built setting to get notifications on blog links or not.

These are some of my nominations.

Kamal Sheshtha

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Irina says:

    I actually heard very similar advice form a professional blogger. High quality post you have here. And thank you so much for the tag.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Dulcy Singh says:

    Your advice was really helpful.Congrats🥳🥳

    Liked by 2 people

  3. moyatori says:

    Pretty solid advice, especially the backlinking part! I only link to people’s entire blogs when I’m afraid of bothering them. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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