Must Protecc: Wolf Children | Ame & Yuki

Parenting can be thought of as one of the most difficult tasks in the life of any parent. There is a lot of added pressure when it comes to growing and handling children and keep fulfilling even their basic needs. However, it is even more difficult when your children are half wolves. Indeed the entire story is absolutely a fantasy, however this is one of those movies that got my attention due to its sheer simplicity and absolutely magnificient execution. This is one of those movies that is capable of winning the hearts of the audience just by portraying the battles that a mother has to fight for their children.

Even though you may find tons of animes and movies that focus on parenting, rarely you will find a movie that is both slice of life and fantasy merged together. The movie perfectly captures the struggles of a mother who has given birth to two wolf childrens and how she protects them from humans and tries to hide their true identity. Even during such intense situations, she never gives up and tries her best to carry out her duty as a mother. Hana, the mother of Ami and Yuki, believes in the greater truth of life and that is “Acceptance”. For her it is more important to accept her children for who they are and what they want to be. She wants to provide a good life for her children, even if it means moving far away from the city. She wants her children to be able to express their natural instincts openly without any fear or pressure. I never found “Hana”, the mother of these children feeling guilty of her decisions. This is what you call “the true trait” of a mother. A mother never questions why she gave birth to her children.

There are moments in life, where certain things cannot be carried out single-handedly. We, as human beings are social animals, who learn and survive from the help of others. This is the strategy for survival as a human being. This is the reason why Hana is seen to be constantly struggling with resources like food and shelter in this movie. As far as the characters are concerned, the two children are definitely polar opposites of each other. And one can understand why this had to happen, and it is majorly because the writer of this movie thought of displaying their individual choices and actions from their perspective. Yuki is reckless, positive, enthusiastic, smart etc. which is considered very ideal behavior from the human perspective, whereas Ame is quiet, thoughtful, timid, weak and conscious when it comes to decision-making. Their personalities really help reflect on certain things in the movie that is needed to be reflected, driving the story towards “possibilities” rather than “necessities”. The characters of this movie have the choice to believe whether being a wolf is a liability or an asset.

One of the most important things that I liked the most is the beautiful animation, it was really wonderful to see the characters interact with the environment, and the environment and scenery is absolutely thrilling. Character designs are simple but great and while watching this movie, I felt that I was inside their world because it was realistic. You get attached to the world as if you have actually travelled somewhere, and partly the credit goes to the camera work too. One of the reasons why it feels like that is because the pacing of this movie is brilliant. The events of this movie are displayed perfectly, not fast & not slow. I don’t think that anybody would be dissatisfied after watching this movie. Every moment is beautiful and important, even if it is simple and general.

I don’t usually watch anime movies, and I think this is the only second anime movie that I have watched. Earlier I had watched “Grave of the Fireflies” and I think I am glad that I invested my time in watching these two movies because they are really worth my time.

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