The “you know who” of my life : Spiders

Take a good look at this scum. I seriously hate spiders, and this post is seriously very difficult to write, also I will not choose their real images because whenever I see their image, I just feel sick and disgusted. Earlier during my childhood, I would purely fear them, but as of now, it’s a combination of fear and hatred. In this blog posts I am going to tell you why I hate these little crawly creatures so much, even though there are so many people who support and like them, for which I cannot understand why!

You wake up in the morning, and you enter into the toilet. As you reach for the tap, you find a sneaky little spider hiding behind the handle of the tap. Seriously! I mean do you think you can make your house anywhere in MY house? On top of that, you choose to make it at a place so casually used, that is really very surprising and more importantly, frustrating. This has been happened to me multiple times, including places like kitchen sink and tap, under the bed, even on my bedsheets too. This is hilarious, why do spiders don’t fear humans? I think this is the only insect that I hate that much. They really behave like uninvited guests and I don’t like it at all.

On top of this, my anger shoots through the roof when I happen to find one crawling on my body or my hands. At that point, I always think that the spider has committed a crime, but obviously I cannot set up the court and punish that bastard, so just swaying it away works most of the time. However, most of the times it happens just after my mother had cleaned the house. And it is possible that while swaying it away, it gets smashed under my hand or clothing, and when that happens, I just go and take a bath. Sometimes I take an oath that I will never ever try to search or move items from places that had remained untouched for months, because I know that such places are a “city” for spiders. Basically I don’t want to risk myself by doing so, even if I do so, I take utmost precautions by sweeping away the place with a broom first to destroy possible spider houses, then I take the next step investigating the items that were place there from top to bottom to find out the hiding ones. If I manage to clear these stages, then I feel relaxed and continue with whatever I wanted with that thing.

In my house, there are potential areas or ‘red zones’ where spiders have high probability of existing. I rarely happen to go near that area because you know why! However, there are few things for which I take precautions the most. Let say for example my computer table. I regularly clean it I mean once every week (superficially) and I clean it entirely with cloth and broom from top to bottom, the front area, especially the back area atleast once a month. This reduces the possibility of “you know who” to make their nests in secrecy. But still some of them manage to creep in and make it no matter what I do. I just cannot even do anything to them. I can’t just smash them like cockroaches, and I can’t put any poison to kill them. All I can do is grab the broom and sweep!

That is not the end of the story, even after sweeping them away, I don’t get full satisfaction. This is because at one time, I managed to sweep two or three big spiders this way, but guess what, they ended up making their houses AGAIN, in a nearby location, not far from where I swept them and I can’t continue to do the same thing again and again. I cried from the insides of my heart when that happened. ‘Just leave my house I beg of you’ is what my mind was thinking at that time.

There is a slight difference in my behavior towards spiders based upon their appearances. I specifically hate the long-legged ones the most. And the most depressing thing is that they are the ones found abundantly in my house. Whenever I encounter them, they seriously ruin some 5 to 10 minutes of my life. I found them in my shoes, in my drawer, in my school backpack and what not! That is why, I just keep moving some of my precious things from time to time. I have had countless nightmares about them too. Once during my school days, my friends captured a spider and were playing with it using a ruler. When I asked them why they are playing with a spider, they replied ‘WHY NOT?’. Is spider really a thing to play with?

So that’s it I hope you liked this post. Today I just thought of writing about it. Do you fear/hate any insect, then please let me know in the comments. Good Bye!

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  1. I was absolutely terrified of spiders as a child. Now I’m more chill, or at least I try to act that way. I recognise it’s just a creature doing its things, it has no awareness or knowledge of me, I’m just a mountain that occasionally decides to move from its point of view, but there’s still that subconscious, irrational fear. As it is we have an unspoken agreement, they don’t come near me, I won’t come near them, otherwise one of us is going to get hurt, and I’m bigger.

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  2. Yon Nyan says:

    I am excruciatingly terrified of spiders. I don’t give a frick how tiny or seemingly harmless they are (they’re all harmful to me), I can’t stand them. I’m more scared of spiders than literally anything else in the whole world. Once a spider got into my room, and I swear it was on drugs or something, it crawled around all over the ceiling and all my walls, just wouldn’t settle down. When I finally chocked up enough nerve to kill it, it crawled behind my bookshelf. I waited for it to come out. Then I turned towards my nightstand by my closet, and it was just sitting there next to the fricking doorknob. I have NO idea how it teleported to be less than two feet away from it, but it did. I never even took my eyes off the area by my bookshelf! I screamed so loudly. Eventually I had to get a vacuum and suck it up with one of those long extension things. That’s just one instance of them invading my space. Most of the time, if my housemate is home, I make her kill them. She’s not scared of them like I am.

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  3. Aaliyazoya says:

    Literally spiders are sooo😤😰

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  4. Mara says:

    It’s not actually fear, probably hatred (maybe both), but I can’t stand worms. They give me goosebumps.

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  5. Itheworstofall says:

    so relatable, spiders are annoying! they make their homes anywhere (I mean anywhere) once I was out for a month and when I came back home I went to the washroom and when I opened the commode seat there was a huge web inside the commode with about five spiders relaxing on the web (ahem) ”hammock” , and I was like “you idiots are having a bloody pool party” and I flushed them down. Even after doing that one was in the water then I said “what do you think you are octopus” and flushed him down . But one thing about spiders that envy me is that they are great at modelling , I mean have you ever tried to click a picture of them , I know most of you didn’t but I did it many times,
    why because i’m am idiot.

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    1. Your comment made my day


  6. Asra Anime says:

    I hate spiders too 🕸🕷

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  7. moyatori says:

    I reserve such intense feelings for rodents and actually mute every hamster account I see on my Twitter timeline. 😂 Though I’m in fact more horrified than angry.

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