Memories and the price for freedom : Attack on Titan S3

This season will actually blow away your mind. First of all, the curiosity that you had been holding forever since the last 2 seasons has now been quenched and the show has definitely taken a path so different than before. It does not even feel like the same show anymore, things have gotten so diverse, and as usual still we want to learn more, which will be definitely delivered in the upcoming season.

Season 3 takes sharp turns in the story, and I really mean it. Throughout the entire previous seasons our suspicions just grew episode by episode. The former season was all about the promises the characters make for finding out the truth of their world and the titans. This season was smartly divided into two parts, each part having its own identity as well, and throughout these episodes, there have been so many revelations that I am actually baffled, to the point where I had a slight difficulty in connecting the past events with the present. The second part of this season was definitely slightly fast paced, but it was majorly because of the intense amount of foreshadowing.

It is amazing to experience that there are so many characters and so many stories behind them. But in the end, they are somehow magically connected to each other. The battle against the titans does not just only means sacrificing one’s life, but the price is somewhat even more. This long battle has been continuously occurring, thereby causing a lot of people to lose their lives. Among those lives, there are people who not only sacrificed their own lives for the freedom, but also were ready to sacrifice other’s lives too. This is just heartbreaking to hear, and this also justifies what “Shinzou wo Sasageyo”, the motto of the Scout Regiment actually means. And Erwin actually did that by commanding the scouts to go for a “suicidal charge”. To do such a thing, you have must have a heart of stone.

When we talk about Erwin the Commander, there is a great deal of responsibility upon his shoulders. Earlier I had discussed how the people were mocking the Scout Regiment for creating so many casualties without any goal in sight. However in this season, we can actually find people rooting and supporting the scouts as they have taken a big step towards defeating the annoying titans. This became possible because people became aware of the government’s monopoly and how government was not bothered about the lives of the people. On top of that, everybody wants justice, and justice was served once and for all when the Scouts debunk the illegal royal family and crown Historia as the new legal royal Queen as she slays his own father in his titan form in front of the people. Well this was clearly a good move and everybody agreed it, also reviving the trust in the people’s hearts as well. I think this was a very important scene.

I constantly remind myself of the dialogue that Kenny said to Levi. In this world, everyone needs to be addicted to something or the other in order to keep moving forward and constantly keep fighting. And this is quite true generally speaking. The entire story right from the start portrayed the characters as people having certain dream or goal in mind. Particularly Eren and Armin were one of those characters wanted to travel and live beyond those walls and explore things that one could only dream of. Erwin had a similar type of dream, but due to the harsh reality of the situation, he had to give up on his dream.

The second part is a brief history of Titans and humanity supported by the actions of the father of Eren known as Grisha Jaegar. It is actually funny, because in majority of the animes, the entire story is started or caused by one single event, and in this anime too, there is an event because of which everything started happening. Grisha’s actions managed to create a story that may not have happened if he had not crossed those gates illegally to see the air ship that day. This shows that the story of Attack on Titan does follow a “linear” pathway, but chose to display it in a much realistic fashion, as if we were actually trying to find out the truth and history about the Titans.

The ending is so damn good. It is neither a good one nor a bad one. Just a combination of mixed feelings and a bit of mental preparation for what is going to come next. The amount of political warfare and story revealed in this season will seriously mess with your brain because you are going to experience something for which you were never prepared. I had never ever thought that things would end up so different, it was so uncertain.  

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  1. Ahhh yes, I love your post! AOT s3 was awesome!🤯 I can’t wait for Season 4 to come out!

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