A Revolution in Education System!

Finally, the Indian Government has taken a concrete step towards revolutionizing the Education System in India and it is so good that I was overwhelmed. The New Education Policy (NEP) has brought out a new road map and outlook towards the Indian Education System. There had always been tons of debates regarding the current education system, and there were a lot of concerns and opinions regarding it since past many decades. However, finally the government has taken a step and considered the voices and thoughts of the people, thereby introducing us with the new policy which almost covers up all the concerns and tries to improvise and redefine the current education that the students are receiving in our country.

When I heard about this on the internet and YouTube, I was quite surprised that the government is capable of taking such a good decision. Earlier, the education system was divided as 10+2, but now it has been further subdivided into 5+3+3+4 system, which reduces the overall academic pressure on the students as well. This is quite great, because in the new policy, we are dealing with the overall development of the students rather than just mugging up answers and scoring high marks just to get a normal admission in a prestigious college. These high marks only had value until you get admission into the college, after that no one actually cared about how much you scored, but now that is not going to happen. The introduction of credit based system will help students to give their best performances and actually use them later in their higher studies, so your previous marks will matter here.

Besides this, now this policy emphasizes on an academic strategy where students will be introduced with a lot of vocational training like carpentry, painting, gardening etc which help the students get real life experience. Students now will be able to choose a completely dynamic bunch of subjects like music and dance which are part of extra-curricular activities. The barriers between different streams like arts commerce and science has been removed. It seems like the government is trying to reduce the monotonous system that has been prevailing in our country since the past few decades. This policy is perfectly aligned with the students as well as the teachers perspective. Now the students will definitely be able to learn so much instead of just memorizing and writing papers. Each and every thing that you will be learning will have some kind of applicability in real life, which I think is very good. I seriously love this policy and looking forward to see it implemented soon.

In my opinion, I strongly agree that there is a need to change the education system so that the future generation is capable of tackling the world with confidence and knowledge. With this new system, no student will feel out of the world and every student will now be able to pursue whatever they want, without someone pointing a finger and doubting them. This will help students learn and understand their true skills and talents, this will provide them a new hobby where they can learn and grow. There will be no barrier in terms of education. Anybody can learn anything, and most importantly, anything that you learn will have a kind of value and respect in the society.

Read the points of this National Education Policy 2020 on The Times of India

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