Contradictions and the Greater Truth : Attack on Titan Season 2

Mesmerized by the overall execution of the second season, I am so much excited to move forward to watch the third season of this brilliant anime. With the Titans being in the forefront in the entire series, the overall story was seriously amazing. We get to see an intense amount of actions and fights in this particular season, mostly revolving around fights between the titans rather than against the titans. In such a situation, there are a handful of plot revelations as well.

Primarily, the second season clearly involves character development with a completely unique way. One major factor that contributed to the improvement in the series is the contradictory thoughts and actions of the character called “Ymir”. Involvement of a completely different type of character which can be rarely seen in most of the animes, Ymir can be thought of as a person who is seriously trying to save someone from something drastic that has happened to her in the past. Ymir’s past can be considered as something that no one would ever want to experience, and she knows that too well. However, it is seen that she is quite stuck and confused because the decisions that she is trying to make always ends up with something bad.

This means that in this character’s life, there is absolutely no perfect decision. There are a series of contradictory thoughts in her mind, and this is the type of things that cannot be discussed and solved with the help of others. This stretches the story towards a more meaningful and dramatic purpose. The ability to take proper decisions at a time like this is crucial. Not just Ymir, but many of the main characters of this anime are further shown as being under the burden of certain decisions which will decide their fates.

One more character I would like to add here is “Reiner”. There are a lot of things going on with him but the revelation was quite limited in case of this character. But the impact of the decision of this character was so good, that it gave rise to a completely different path for the story. That is why, this character can be considered as a prime character of the entire second season. I would like to point out that the progress of this character in the story is similar to what we saw in the first season with Annie Leonhart. Annie didn’t get much of the attention in the first season early on, although she was still the prime character of that season. Based upon what we saw in these season, things are going to stretch a little bit further, since there is exactly no way one can predict the story since there are so many things behind the curtain, indicating that the uncertainty element of this anime is very high.

Keeping aside the human characters, the Titans themselves play a major role in defining the story here. Although there are still unresolved doubts regarding them, the season places the audience into more thrill and excitement by introducing some new and different types of Titans. This has made the story so much captivating. Different types of Titans are appearing with profound abilities and intellect, making it difficult for the Corps to strategize and slay them in the manner they did before. It will be interesting to see how the Corps modify their tactics, decisions and abilities to face them with all their might. Indeed this is going to be a completely difficult task, since the time factor here plays a major role. Two seasons of this anime has passed, but still there is absolutely no concrete evidence and understanding about the Titans. Even though the story reveals a lot about them, it is still a very indirect portrayal, so deducing anything is not even possible. From physical to mental aspects, everything till now is so variable regarding the Titans as well as the humans in this series.

Further, towards the end of this season, we can feel the thirst for finding the greater truth about the titans. The human society is eager to learn more about them, so that they can advance with different strategies and destroy the root cause that is causing disruption of the peace of humanity. With a high level of uncertain decisions, actions and storytelling, the story takes a small step towards finding out the truth about Titans. We as audiences, are equally curious like the characters of the anime. The story that builds itself based upon the decisions of the characters, this type of execution is fantastic. If you ask me, then this series is definitely highly recommended, suitable for every type of audience, and sometimes good to binge watch too!

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