Certified Reckless Characters in Animes

You do know those characters, the ones who are mysteriously light up the environment in any story. An entire story can be created out of their decisions and actions. Yes, each and every action taken by them results in something either very good or very drastic (and most of the times, something funny). These are the characters, whose decisions and talks make us laugh and make the series even more enjoyable. So here, it is easy to understand that why there are so many animes with them being the protagonist themselves. The input of these characters has a favorable impact on the overall series. Characters like this not only serve the purpose of leveraging the story’s ability to make us laugh and relax, but they are quite crucial as well.

Let us analyze further and see how these characters make up the entire story and progresses it in a much better way. You know what, let me just put this into several topics so that you can understand it properly.


Taking an example of the Red Blood Cell from the anime “Cells at Work”, when you track down the actions of this character, it is fairly noticeable that this character is shown as naïve and forgetful. However, when we put such a forgetful character in the place of a protagonist, we get to see the story progress in a completely different and exploratory way. In the case of Red Blood Cell being forgetful, we could actually get to see it go to different parts of the body mistakenly (in simple words, she gets lost every now and then). Due to this, we get to focus on the different parts of the body where these cells normally move in order to distribute the nutrients. And I feel that this way of exploring the world set up in an anime, through the use of a single character and its decisions, is a good move. Their decisions makes the story reveal itself in a rather unique way. Their curiosity makes this all happen.


I know this is going too deep, but depending upon the actions taken by the naïve characters, we are able to see and perceive them as a person and how they react. Clearly, it is important to understand how they take decisions, whether bad or good, in order to learn more about them. This lies in the way they think before acting, and it is seriously way more different than how a normal person thinks. Here we can take the example of Hinata Shoyo from Haikyuu. You may know this, but let me restate that Hinata is shown as a highly enthusiastic character, with a lot of interests and desires. However, it is evident that despite being reckless, he does have his own goals and motivations. Usually characters like Hinata are aware of what they should achieve, but they are mostly unaware about their current capabilities, which makes it difficult for them to transition. That is why, they are likely to be seen as the ones who accepts challenges that even the talented ones would find scary.


To be honest, it is quite surprising to watch such characters get along so well with the other characters. By that I mean that even though they may seem reckless, they are good communicators. They are mostly capable of connecting and communicating with almost every type of character out there. Usually they are the ones whose first impressions really doesn’t matter. They always look towards “possibilities” which drives others to do the same as well. Keeping their ideals close to their hearts, these characters are often seen tirelessly fighting for a cause, not just for themselves but for others as well. Take an example of “Emma” from The Promised Neverland. She is shown as a type of character who is empathic and reckless at the same time. However she is quite reliable and trusted when it comes to human interactions.


Although these characters may seem like very docile since they interact so much better with others, it is quite possible for them too to lose their cool, in fact they lose their cool so much faster as compared to others. The characters cannot stand injustice for even one second. That is why, they can be considered lethal and aggressive. Take the example of Tanjiro from Demon Slayer. Although being the most empathic shonen protagonist that I have seen uptil now, Tanjiro’s intense desire to cure her sister Nezuko makes him capable of fighting even the strongest demons. The unique ability of such characters is that they are able to make the necessary sacrifices in order to achieve what they want, without any second thought. This only makes them more dangerous to deal with. They are also really very good at defending others during a fight. But when we understand more about them, it only becomes obvious that they mostly fight to actually defend themselves, something or someone and when they are provoked to the limits, then the situation becomes intense.

If you have read so far, I would like to know some more anime characters that you feel belong to these four topics mentioned above. Write down some reckless characters names and beside them right about what is special about them. You can take the above points for your reference.

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