Wings of Liberty : Attack on Titan Season 1

So I can understand now why this anime has gotten the popularity and fame as being “epic” and “legendary”. The entire first season of this anime was absolutely amazing in each and every aspect. It utilizes intense amount of fights and emotional melodrama, and I was pretty sure about that before starting the series. This is one of those animes that possesses a completely different environment altogether. Earlier I have said that this anime successfully progresses itself based upon its incredible “World Building”. A world where Titans, the humanoid creatures, have disrupted the peace of the human society.

After theorizing from all the episodes that I watched, I was overwhelmed by the fact that this anime is a clear cut-to-cut representation of how one would behave in real life if something like a Titan appeared on earth. It is amazing to see the different type of characters in this anime, they are so life-like and not overpowered, each of them having their strengths and weaknesses. It is interesting to see that in a world where the only security that the humanity has is the wall and the society is completely dependent upon it, even though there are so many soldiers fighting outside the walls for the sake of the human society. Although the military is doing its best job, people do not have complete faith upon them, because of the immense amount of casualties that result from the expeditions of these soldiers. Joining the “Scouts Regiment” is something thought of as “foolish” and each and every person out there is concerned only about “survival” and nothing else.

Even though the walls have been set up for the security of the people and military is always alert about the Titans, there are so many casualties each and every time there is an attack by the titans. Nevertheless, we can see that the more cautious the society becomes, the Titans are trying their best to attack at the same time. Intellectually, both the sides are so much aware about this. This only means that Titans are far more than just like “animals”. There is always so much more to learn about them. There is a great deal of responsibility upon the shoulders of these soldiers that are relentlessly trying to fight against something that they even don’t understand properly.

One of the things that I liked the most is the use of 3D Maneuver Gear used by the military. This gear gives the agility and movement that the humans require to kill those Titans. Even though it has been so long since the Titans have been continuously attacking the city, still it is quite difficult to make the ultimate defense 100% reliable, which are the walls. While watching I was thinking that maybe further in the episodes they would atleast try to upgrade the defense system, but unfortunately, the walls are as mysterious as the Titans themselves, so they can’t do that either. However to do so, they can deploy as many Garrison soldiers out there to keep the Titans at bay.

This anime always makes us question about what exactly is “freedom”. Just being able to defend ourselves from something doesn’t seem like we are moving towards our freedom. Just blocking away Titans for our entire lives is not going to be a solution. The condition beyond those walls are grim too. During these episodes, we are able to understand a lot, but still so little, about the Titans and the Military as well. The entire story is set with a series of revelations, thrills and suspense which will leave the audience awestruck and eager to know what will happen next. And this is a good sign for an anime, isn’t it? In terms of plot design, the story is progressed strongly and with a good pace. There is equal emphasis on all characters and their developments are quite unique as well.

The thing which touched my heart is the fate of these soldiers that belong to the Scout Regiment. These are the ones who are different from anybody out there in the entire story. Rather than just thinking about survival, these are the one who are constantly trying to bring down each and every Titan out there and reclaiming the area under the walls which were breached by those Titans. Being selfless, they have devoted their lives, just to gain the ultimate freedom. They have been tagged as the “Wings of Liberty”, the ones who have a firm belief upon their skills and efforts of creating a peaceful environment. These are the people on which greater emphasis is given by the story. The execution of the story forces the characters of Scout Regiment to undergo a lot of changes from time to time. If you think at a deeper level, success will not come in bringing these Titans down, but success will come when these walls will not be required. Their motto is to bring down the dependency that the entire society has on these walls. Even though each and every expedition they do, there are a lot of deaths so people hate them and mock them.

Lastly, I would like to say that this anime is certainly “epic” and “legendary” and there is no doubt regarding that. Many epic things are going to happen in the next season as well, I am sure about that.

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