Why humans venture into space?

Nevertheless we could debate on this topic continuously since there is so much that can be discussed regarding this. If you really want a good answer to this question, then Space Brothers anime is there for you. Space Brother’s brilliant story aligns perfectly with our deepest thoughts and questions regarding space and tries to answer it. Indeed venturing into space has been directly linked to exploring the different conditions and environment outside of our planet, exploring different celestial bodies, keeping check of planetary movements etc, but have we really thought about how space travel could be beneficial to our mother planet or could solve problems of humanity that exist today?

Yes, Space Brothers is one of those beautifully crafted animes out there that uses its soft story-telling to capture and explain these type of things. One of the episodes that touched my heart was regarding the 3D Ants. The question is “why do we need to venture into space by investing such a large amount of money, resources and manpower? Should we not focus on our current problems on earth itself, that can be solved with that much money?” and the answer to this question lies on this critical episode which I am talking about.

Use your imagination here and try to think that there exists a group of ants which are one-dimensional and are walking towards a particular goal or destination. As such ants could only walk in a straight line (forward and backward). Since the movements are so confined, obstacles like a stone (which is actually a 2D obstacle here) in the ant’s way can altogether hinder the progress of these ants. The only solution would be to upgrade themselves and make themselves 2D. Doing so will give you two additional degrees of freedom which is left and right, thereby you can avoid the stone by going around it. Even though the 2D ants can manage obstacles in its way, if a wall comes into their way, it still hinders their progress. Since the movements are confined to only 4 directions, the ants need to upgrade themselves and become 3D so that they can easily climb the wall and get to the other side. All this was possible because the ants decided to change their perspective and upgraded themselves.

That is wonderful, I mean that applies to space travel as well. When we venture into space, we are looking at the world from an altogether different dimension and possibilities. Sometimes to solve a particular problem, we all agree that we need to think critically from all possible angles, and that is Space Brothers tells us. Space travel will crush the boundaries that the humanity had, just like the 3D ants had when they were just one-dimensional.  There is no clear answer regarding what exactly we will be able to figure out, but still it is worth the risk. Humans can change their dimensions and perceive problems from a different angle and this can also provide a solution to those problems.

Although I have just flipped the entire episode in front of you, it doesn’t mean that I have spoiled the anime. These are some crucial things that I felt that the anime has successfully managed to communicate with its audience.

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