‘Failing to Plan’ is like ‘Planning to Fail’

Right now due to the situation created because of this unending pandemic, people like me are clearly at a major disadvantage. Not only I am suffering from the trauma of not having a job right now, but also I have not “technically” completed my Bachelor’s Degree yet. Being a final year student, it really sucks. I mean this is not only at a personal level, other students are also suffering the same.

Right now the situation is so grim that the government itself is flabbergasted. Due to the uncertainty behind the conduction of exams, nearly 8 Lakh students are in a state of trauma and unpreparedness. Let me tell you the whole story in a short way. The thing is that, due to the lockdown imposed by the government, universities subsequently cancelled all the exams including the final year exams after a brief chat held among the various chancellors of universities. According to the chancellors, it is not possible to conduct exams as this would jeopardize the lives of our youth.

The solution would be to grant final semester marks based upon the average marks of the previous semesters. In that way, students will be satisfied by their marks, in case if the student wishes to appear for the examinations thinking that he/she can score better, then he/she can take the examinations by writing a letter to their respective colleges which are ultimately linked to the universities.

Let me tell you that the final decision regarding this was taken by the different state governments. Even though this may sound logical enough by keeping in mind the current situation and tally of the ever increasing COVID-19 cases in India, UGC (University Grants Commission) has a different take on this one.

As per the UGC Ministers, it is impossible to “skip” examinations as this could prove devastating to those who wish to take admission in certain institutions. Also they are talking about their rules and guidelines saying that it is not the decision of the state governments, rather the UGC itself has full power and control over conduction of exams. It is imperative the examinations will be conducted, as per the guidelines imposed by them, stating that many universities of different countries managed to take their examinations, then we should do it too.

However, the state governments are definitely not interested in what UGC is advising, rather they have moved one stepped further and made an appeal to the Prime Minister itself, urging him to intervene in such a matter.

Now, the problem is that both sides are ignoring each other, so to arrive at a concrete solution is going to be difficult. Also it is impossible to say that which side is “right” or “wrong”. But I can surely say that the majority is in favor of the state governments since many students are themselves against the idea of the conduction of exams during these times. Even though there has not been any decision whatsoever, still UGC has managed to point out certain guidelines for conduction of examinations.

The important thing is that there is less time for students to prepare, and if the government and higher authority is delaying in taking such a decision, ultimately the students are suffering. No student out there is capable of writing papers since there are many issues that students might be facing. The academic syllabus was disturbed, teachers didn’t manage to complete the required number of class hours. Talking about online mode of exams is a complete crap, I won’t even explain why, you can understand that.

This type of indecisiveness usually comes from the lack of taking the initiative and planning. I don’t know why these bodies are playing with the student’s career. My point is that whatever the decision you take, please take it fast, otherwise there is going to be a complete mess in our education system. People out there have lost their jobs, there are no openings anywhere, multinational companies are failing and shutting down, startups have become “start-downs”. They should know that to uplift the economy, we need more people to do jobs from home. And to do that, we should not get stuck on taking decisions in this moment.

2 thoughts on “‘Failing to Plan’ is like ‘Planning to Fail’

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  1. Yeah sitting at home and doing nothing is really annoying. Seriously this is not how I imagined how my 10th grade would go, even for me most probably they will pass me if I get good marks in the normal exams.
    I hope you’ll finish your Bachelor’s Degree soon😊 so that at least we you one less thing to worry about.

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  2. Your health is what is most important. Nonetheless, I can see where you are coming from. Take care of yourself and use your time to study. As you said, the whole world is messed up right now with no end in sight. Everyone is scrambling trying to take control of the situation. Just do what you can.

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