Burn My Past : My Hero Academia Season 4

The 4th Season of My Hero Academia primarily involves lots of villains (some of them coming from absolutely nowhere) and lots of action. Multiple heroes could be seen performing their hero duties, even the heroes from the UA Academy are now ready to fight and give everything they got in order to protect humanity. Altogether, the entire season was definitely fantastic in terms of every aspect, including the animation and fight styles used. However, I was intrigued when I just tried to theorize each and every episode, and I found out some things that I would like to point out from this season. Let us dive deeper and look at what exactly this season was about.

Fundamentally, during the entire series from season 1 to 3, there has been several encounters with different type of villains and we also get to know a lot about the other heroes as well, when they fight against them. In short, we get to see the entire “hero community” as well as the “villain community”. Mostly, these two sides are countlessly fighting each other and that is easily visible at the foreground. However, at the background level, there is yet another fight to be won, the fight for freedom and the aftereffects of the deeds of these villains. Even though at the surface level, the heroes are trying their best to defeat them, they do have fear and doubts in their hearts regarding them. Besides the external fight taking place, it was important to shed light on this “internal fight” against the villains.

The story tries to shift its focus towards this “internal battle” which I am talking about, and we can clearly see it implemented with the character ‘Eri’. Eri is shown to be constantly battling with the aftereffects of Overhaul’s influence. The type of impact that it created on her mind was intense, to the point that she actually forgot basic happiness like “smiling”, and this is something quite disturbing and drastic to hear, from the viewpoint of the ideology behind the “Symbol of Peace”. Overhaul could be considered as the one and only villain that could seriously destroy the peace from within the hearts of the people, and that is the most fearful thing, even for the other heroes as well. Overhaul had definitely tried to brainwash Eri so that she could think of nothing positive altogether. He knew that she possessed such an astonishing quirk, so it was natural for him to destroy her core beliefs and ideals, in order to use and manipulate her in every possible way. Due to this, she couldn’t even think of trying to use her powers for the betterment of the society, all she could think of is how “cursed” her powers are.

When a person’s mind is manipulated this way, there is no doubt that the person will feel hopeless in such situation. It is like robbing away the freedom from within her, slowly and silently. This is the type of battle that even heroes find difficult to comprehend. Fortunately, there are some heroes that know how to cure the influence that Overhaul had on Eri’s mind. These are the heroes, whose ideals are very close to that of All Might’s. They are the one, who have taken the responsibility as the new symbol of peace unofficially, to restore Eri’s  smile, and that can only happen if you actually burn the entire dark past of her and remove Overhaul from the roots of her mind.

Other than this, when we try to understand the life of the new No. 1 pro hero Endeavor, we can easily figure out that there is something bugging within his mind. It always felt like he was “chained” by his own thoughts, maybe he was also under the influence of something or someone, we don’t know yet. With the fight against the intellectual Nomu at the end of the season, we are bound to think about how Endeavor managed to reflect upon his own past, and tried to burn it completely, just like how Midoriya and Mirio did with Eri.  These three were capable of understand that the ideology behind the “Symbol of Peace” is not absolute, but rather can be carried out by anyone on the basis of willpower. Endeavor, despite being the top-ranked hero can be easily mocked due to his rude and solitary behavior that he shows while fighting against the villains, but deep down he always knew that people are definitely watching him, they always look up him even though they hate him. For him, it doesn’t even matter to be like “All Might” in order to make people think they are safe.

His individualistic and hot-headed nature can never be the reason to turn back on a fight. Regardless of whatever he is, it is important for him to carry out his duty with everything he got. Understanding that if he wants his son to be one of the best heroes out there, he needs to put his own efforts to the test and show that he is worth to be looked upon to. He managed to make himself worthy in the eyes of his son and his family by defeating the intellectual Nomu in the end. Even though this was just a small step, it was definitely “His Start” towards becoming one of the greatest heroes.

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