Anime List (A-Z) Challenge

Thanks to Eggsandwich04 for nominating me for this fun challenge. I am highly obliged! Don’t forget to check out his website, he has some amazing content worth your reading time. Let us start the challenge right away, however first let us look at the rules of the anime list a to z challenge.

You can check out my other anime lists section where I have ranked anime characters of various animes as well. Don’t forget to check it out. However if you are too busy to read further, I have compiled all the anime shows lists a to z which I have seen here.


  • Pick a favorite series/movie for each letter of the alphabet. For titles starting with “a” “an” or “the” use the first letter of the next word of the title.
  • Since many titles have multiple names based on the language that you are using please pick one language for the entire list (Use all English titles or all Japanese titles) and let the readers know which language you will be using. If a title has the same name regardless of the language then it can be used in any list.
  • If you don’t have a title that fits under a particular letter, you can name another favorite from a different letter in it’s place, just indicate which letter spot you are using for that series. This can be done up to three times. If you can’t fill a spot then you can leave it blank. No more than 26 total series are allowed.
  • Including a picture for each series is encouraged.
  • Share who tagged you for this challenge and nominate 3 more to try it themselves and include links to their blogs.
  • Just have fun with this challenge. I wanted to get everyone to share some favorite series and to spread the word about awesome blogs!

Well this was hard for me, since I am extremely new to anime (even though I have been watching them since the past 2 years) and also I am a very slow at finishing them.

Below is the desired list of anime titles with respect to their starting alphabet. I have decided to use Japanese for the title names. Hope you enjoy reading the list.

Note: I have skipped the alphabets for which I have not seen any anime (I do have some animes in my mind but I have not completed them from start till the end so I cannot really score them just because I watched a few episodes of them). However, I have mentioned the animes below in an orderly way.

(A) Attack on Titan

attack on titan

(B) Boku No Hero Academia

izuku midoriya deku

Boku No Hero Academia, or My Hero Academia is a beautiful Shonen Animes focused on the concept of superpowers or ‘quirks’. Midoriya, unlike the rest of the 80% of the population, is quirkless. Still he has a great desire of being able to save people as a hero. Inspired from the No. 1 Pro Hero All Might, he undergoes a lot of training & stress to compete in the U. A. Entrance Examination to get admission in the most popular school for young budding heroes.

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bakugo katsuki figurine

(D) Death Note

death note ryuk and light

Death Note is a very well adapted concept of ‘Justice’, where two sides constantly battle and search each other in order to provide the true justice to the world. The anime falls into the category of supernatural, crime and psychological domain which deals with the journey of Light Yagami, the person who gets his hands on a mysterious notebook which can kill the one whose name is written on it. Police forces and the No. 1 detective L take up the task of finding the person involved behind mass murder of multiple criminals throughout the world.

(H) Haikyuu!

Sports can be fun, especially when it has a catchy story and a bunch of intriguing characters. Haikyuu is very well known for it’s awesome story and character development, along with fluid animations. Haikyuu is an anime focused on the game of volleyball, where the most important thing is to connect the ball and avoid it touch the ground at all costs. The story follows the journey of Hinata Shoyo, who is crazy for volleyball. He looks upto his idol ‘The Little Giant’ and wishes to become a great volleyball player and aims for the top.

(J) Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen is an adaptation of it’s manga, and belongs to the shounen category where Itadori Yuuji, our protagonist, wants to die a proper death. A world, where curses feed upon the negative emotions of the people, now Itadori himself has somehow possessed a deadly special grade curse, following with the re-incarnation of Sukuna, the four-handed, twenty-fingered beast/curse. Itadori now has only two options, either he dies straightaway as the sorceres exorcise him or he helps the Jujutsu Sorcerers to find the remaining fingers of Sukuna in order to exorcise him, again at the cost of his life.

(K) Kimetsu No Yaiba

Kimetsu No Yaiba, or Demon Slayer is a particularly new shonen anime known for it’s seriously incredible visuals and artwork. The story is about a young boy Tanjiro who finds his entire family killed by a demon named Muzan Kibutsuji, with only his sister Nezuko alive. But the flip side is that she has become a Demon, thirsty for blood. Tanjiro now has two goals in front of him, getting revenge from Muzan and treating her sister so that she can become a human again. He goes into the search, whilst fighting the other Demons after joining the Demon Slayer Corps.

(M) Monster

(S) Steins;Gate

Time travel is a very broad term, however Steins;Gate successfully nails it. The story is about a mad scientist named ‘Okabe’ who tries to create a time machine from microwave oven. He starts with sending messages called D-mails to the past which causes a change in the present as world lines get shifted. However, this causes him to get stuck into a deadly cycle, where he is unable to save someone from dying. The anime shows how meddling with time can produce so many complications.

(U) Uchuu Kyoudai

Two brothers Mutta and Hibito sees a UFO while playing near the mountains with their recoder and mics. The two brothers promise each other of going to the moon together. However, as life passes, Mutta eventually becomes an Automobile Engineer, whereas Hibito remains dedicated to his goals and finally becomes the youngest japanese person ever to set foot on the moon. However, Mutta is now jobless, and so he now has another chance of fulfilling the promise made so many years ago. Mutta competes for becoming an astronaut, in his thirtees, at JAXA, where he faces many rigorous tests.

(Y) Yakusoku No Neverland

The Promised Neverland is a psychological horror anime focusing on the three childrens Norman, Emma and Ray residing at Grace Field House. These children along with the rest of the others, leave luxurious and happy life inside Grace Field House with their Mama Isabella, but rarely they know anything about the outside world as they are forced not to go outside. Norman and Emma happen to get close to the doors of the field one night, only to find the bitter reality about the house. Will they be able to escape?

The few nominees that I have chosen are bloggers with nicely written content (I don’t personally know them). I always love to read their blogs on my reader feed .Please do visit their blogs to expand your horizons of knowledge regarding animes.

The Nominees

Mechanical Anime Reviews
I drink and watch anime
Anime as a Cup of Tea

Hope you enjoyed reading my list. Feel free to flood my comments section with anime recommendations

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Ethan_07 says:

    Thanks! As for the recommendations:

    B for Boku Dake ga Inai no Machi (ERASED)
    D for Death Parade
    H for Hozuki no Gekokujou ( Ascendance of a Bookworm )
    K for Kanata no Astra
    M for Made in Abyss
    S for Suzuhi Harumiya no Yuutsu ( The Melancholy of Suzuki Harumiya )
    U for Udon no Kuni ( Paco’s Using World )
    Y for Yakusoku no Neverland ( Because I agree on your choice for this, haha )

    Hope you’ll enjoy, which I think you might have already seen some of it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. animegoodreads says:

      thanks for the recommendations!


  2. Irina says:

    Oh wow – I was nominated for this before (I think my own post is scheduled for tomorrow) but thank you so much! Still I get to discover an awesome new blog so it’s double thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. animegoodreads says:

      Yup, i am eager to see your list

      Liked by 1 person

  3. ospreyshire says:

    Good on you for mentioning Monster! That’s such an underrated series.

    Liked by 1 person

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