BINOD : The name that shook the internet

What is this “BINOD” and why it is trending so much, especially in India? Well BINOD is a creation of one of the most intellectual Indian YouTubers out there, and here I am talking about Slayy Point. However there is not a long story behind Binod, because on the internet, things spread pretty much like... Continue Reading →


Don't worry if you have not understood the title because I am going to write a post about it soon

A Revolution in Education System!

Finally, the Indian Government has taken a concrete step towards revolutionizing the Education System in India and it is so good that I was overwhelmed. The New Education Policy (NEP) has brought out a new road map and outlook towards the Indian Education System. There had always been tons of debates regarding the current education... Continue Reading →

The Super Happy Love Blog Award

Well, I never expected that I would be nominated for this, since I am a newbie here. But I am glad that some people have noticed my efforts behind my blogs and I feel so much grateful for that. Initially when I started blogging, it always felt so lonely. However, since the past few weeks,... Continue Reading →

Certified Reckless Characters in Animes

You do know those characters, the ones who are mysteriously light up the environment in any story. An entire story can be created out of their decisions and actions. Yes, each and every action taken by them results in something either very good or very drastic (and most of the times, something funny). These are... Continue Reading →

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