‘Failing to Plan’ is like ‘Planning to Fail’

Right now due to the situation created because of this unending pandemic, people like me are clearly at a major disadvantage. Not only I am suffering from the trauma of not having a job right now, but also I have not “technically” completed my Bachelor’s Degree yet. Being a final year student, it really sucks.... Continue Reading →

My Top 5 Characters from My Hero Academia

After a lot of thinking and countless of reshuffling of ranks, now I have finally decided upon a concrete list of Top 5 from My Hero Academia anime. Although this was not a very difficult task, but still while deciding upon the rankings, I felt quite uneasy and unsure. And the reason is, there are... Continue Reading →

Burn My Past : My Hero Academia Season 4

The 4th Season of My Hero Academia primarily involves lots of villains (some of them coming from absolutely nowhere) and lots of action. Multiple heroes could be seen performing their hero duties, even the heroes from the UA Academy are now ready to fight and give everything they got in order to protect humanity. Altogether,... Continue Reading →

A post about the 4th Season of MHA is going to be out tomorrow. Recently, I just checked and found out that the review regarding that season is still remaining. I was determined to write about it, but just lost the track. Also I would like to update you with the fact that I have... Continue Reading →

My name is Itou Serika

Okay, so I had earlier decided to put my reviews regarding Space Brothers in a partitioned format, but now I feel that putting that word ‘part’ in every other post looks very odd. That is why, from now on I will directly put my thoughts in front of you, without mentioning posts as ‘parts’ or... Continue Reading →

Karmachakra: A Game of Intentions

Synopsis: The story of an orphan girl trying to find her roots, revolving around mysteries about her past and present. A mystery drama set in a fictional present-day India that draws inspiration from psychology, mythology, and cybertechnology. (It is an 80 minute film) Created By: Studio Durga Karmachakra is one of those animes that tries... Continue Reading →

I have decided to write a review of Uchuu Kyoudai a.k.a "Space Brothers" anime. Since there is so much to say about this anime, I am going to divide it into separate posts. You might be thinking that why I want to write so much about one particular anime, but this anime is really worth... Continue Reading →

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